Girls with shiny pearls

pearls vs poetry

It looks so complex
simple as can be
sophisticated simplexity

when flowers tiny seeding and sunshine weather
try tenderly to kiss each other
then nothing and nobody dare
to tear apart handshakes of love n´care
even creatures creepin around should look up
to greet and see
this sophisticated simplexity

so come with me to look inside my inner life most inner soul
a healin´ scar revealing what aching pain I used to go through some time ago
she was not
that kind of glitter glamour girl grabbing for any sort of shiny pearl

it looks so complex
simple as you can see
sophisticated simplexity

that anti-glitter anti-glamour girl and not grabbing for any shiny pearl
made me smile
and made me wait for a never-ending while

bleakest sorrow phase
she left last summer season
my warm embrace
without given reason

complex as can be
that shiniest girl
fading feeble pearl
sophisticated simplexity



Img taken from WikiCommons

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